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Harvey Moy 10 years ago
I from chinatown in Chicago.That girl is latino.No chinese have tits like that.We flat.Our asses are flat.Where chop suey and won ton soup?I cumon my eggroll.I know one hung low.waahhh
Fapasaurus Rex 10 years ago
She looks like my ex oh yeah I remember now, that's me underneath that whale!
Manobrowno 10 years ago
lol - hahaha xD You're an idiot (previous guy). Threatening guys on the Internet? Really? Come on man xD hahahahahahaha - on a porn site?
jay 10 years ago
shes prob filipino and mixed with a little spanish or sumthin
mrbigcock 10 years ago
Ahhhhhhh, NO 11 years ago
He can get better action with his hand then with this slut wannabe
Jared 12 years ago
You dudes are idiots. Yes she is asian. Her name is Mai Ling. She runs a site called the infamous Penny Show. And no, she does not know how to ride a dick very well.
Wasn't good enough 6 years ago
She needs to learn how to ride whit her hips
Horrible 7 years ago
It showed her chest pretty much the whole time and she can't even ride with her hips.
omffffg 10 years ago
this is horrible